PULSE downloader - install guide

For convenience, download and installation are handled through the Pulse app. Pulse is fast and simple and has many valuable features including easy access to re-downloads, product updates more. Just follow these steps:

1. Go to www.pulsedownloader.com and click on "Download Pulse".

2. Once downloaded, click on the installer and it will automatically install Pulse on your machine.

3. Open Pulse and register an account or login.

4. Once logged in, click on "Add a Product" in the top right-hand corner of the Pulse app. Enter the Serial Number you received with your order and click on "Redeem."

5. The product will be added to your Pulse account. To download and install the product, click "Install", select the installation directory and press "Download & Install". Pulse will begin downloading your product. Once it's finished downloading, it will automatically extract your libray and remove the temporary files for you.

6. When installation is complete, open Kontakt and go to the Files tab. Here, navigate to the hard drive location of your library and open one of the .nki’s in the Instruments folder.