Rosetta Installation message on Mac OSX 10.6

Starting with OSX 10.6, Rosetta is no longer a standard part of the OSX install. As a result, you may encounter a message about requiring Rosetta during installation from your Spectrasonics DVD. Rosetta can be installed as an optional installation from OSX/Snow Leopard disc. Rosetta is a small 2MB application that only runs when necessary and causes no appreciable performance loss. 

If you choose to not install Rosetta, you may safely ignore the error messages regarding the following: 

- Core Library Installer 


If you see a message about Rosetta that mentions '', that means you have a STEAM folder already installed on your system, but you have not selected the folder which contains it as the install location. If you already have a STEAM folder, you must select the folder which contains your STEAM folder as the install location, not the STEAM folder itself. If you need help finding your STEAM folder, see the FAQ about finding your STEAM folder. 

If you see a message about Rosetta that mentions '', it means you are attempting to install to a volume which is formatted as FAT32. This is not permitted; see the FAQ about FAT32 for details.