Spectrasonics Keyscape Updates

Spectrasonics have released an update, version 1.0.2 to Keyscape. This is a free update to registered users. Log-in to your Spectrasonics account to download the latest updates.

Keyscape version 1.0.2 includes the following features and fixes:

Keyscape Software 1.0.2c
• Increase resolution for finer adjustments on knobs by pressing Shift

• Increase limit on number of custom controls

Version 1.0.1 includes the following features and fixes:

Keyscape Software 1.0.1
• Mac installer fully functional on MacOS 10.12 Sierra
• Enhanced Windows installer

Keyscape Patch Library 1.0.1
• New MKS-20 “Gospel” Patches
• Adds 40 Velocity Curves, now supporting the following keyboards:
Akai Advance 25
Akai Advance 49
Akai Advance 61
Akai MPK49
Akai MPK88
Akai MPKmini2
Arturia Keylab 49
Arturia Keylab 61
Casio Privia PX-330BK
Casio Privia PX-350M
Casio Privia PX-760
Casio Privia PX-860
Kawai M8000
Korg Kronos 88
Korg MicroKEY
Korg NanoKEY
Korg SV-1
Kurzweil PC2X
Kurzweil PC88
M-Audio Axiom 49
M-Audio Keystation 88
M-Audio Keystudio
NI Kontrol S25
NI Kontrol S49
NI Kontrol S61
NI Kontrol S88
Nord Electro 5D
Nord Lead
Nord Stage 2
Novation Impulse 49
Novation Impulse 61
Novation Launchkey
Novation SL MkII
Roland A-50
Roland A-80
Roland A-88
Roland A-90
Roland FA-08
Roland Juno DS88
Roland RD-800
Yamaha CP4
Yamaha CP33
Yamaha MM8
Yamaha MO8
Yamaha Montage 6
Yamaha Montage 8
Yamaha Motif ES8
Yamaha Motif XS6
Yamaha MOXF8
Yamaha P-45
Yamaha P-115
Yamaha S90

Keyscape Soundsource Library 1.0.1
• New Soundsources: “MKS-20 Piano 1 ^” and “MKS-20 Piano 2 ^”
• Fixes glitch on the “Wing Tack Piano ^ Stereo” Soundsource.