Spectrasonics Keyscapes FAQ

How do I get Keyscape?
Keyscape is available to purchase as of the 12th September. Keyscape will be available to purchase from Time+Space as a boxed product (contents on a USB drive). More details here.

Is there a DEMO version of Keyscape I can try? 
Because of the size of Spectrasonics instruments, they do not offer demo versions. However, you can watch the product videos for more details, as well as contact us at Time+Space with any queries you may have.

If I buy the Boxed version of Keyscape, will I also be able to get a download in the future?
Spectrasonics is keenly aware that there are numerous scenarios when the convenience of downloading or the speed of USB drives would be a preferred form of installation for different types of users. To address all the various user needs and scenarios, Spectrasonics has a Support Services area that offers Alternative Installation USB Drives and Additional Download Installations. These services are available for registered users within your Spectrasonics user area.

Is Keyscape a stand-alone app or a plugin?
It's a plugin that works in all the major DAWs and plugin hosts that support VST/AU/AAX platforms, as well as having a standalone version in the most recent update.

Do I need to have Omnisphere to use it?
No, Keyscape is its own instrument, and a very powerful one! Having said that, loading Keyscape sounds in Omnisphere will allow you to further modify them using Omnisphere's synthesis features, as well as creating layers and splits, combining them with Omnisphere sounds. The possibilities are truly endless!

Is the 'Lite' install sold separately?
No. There is a single version of Keyscape that offers two installation options: 'Full' (77GB) which installs the complete collection of instruments, or 'Lite' (30GB), which installs a smaller selection of essential instruments for live performance.

Which sounds are included in the 'Lite' Installation?
The 'Lite' installation includes a small collection of models that uses only 30 GB of drive space - perfect for live rigs. You will find sounds created using the following:

Hohner Clavinet C
JD-800 Crystal Rhodes
LA Custom C7 Grand Piano
MK-80 Contemporary Rhodes
MKS-20 E Piano
MKS-20 Electric Grand
MKS-20 Vibes
Rhodes - Classic Mark I
Rhodes - LA Custom "E"
Wurlitzer 140B

How many sounds does Keyscape come with?
Keyscape comes with over 500 sounds! These have then been used to create hundreds of patches and duo patches.

Will it work with my controller keyboard?
Yes! The highly dynamic and expressive instruments in Keyscape have been recorded with incredible depth, so it is important to set Keyscape to respond properly to your keyboard controller. Keyscape includes a variety of velocity curves optimized specifically for the most popular keyboard and controllers.

Does Keyscape include a manual?
All Spectrasonics instruments include a comprehensive online Reference Guide, which is accessible directly through the plugin. The integrated Reference Guide is searchable and is kept up to date with the software releases.

Is Keyscape 64 bit? 
Yes! All Spectrasonics instruments are 64-bit native on both Mac and Windows.

Can I use Keyscape 32 bit?
No, but if you have Omnisphere 2 you can load the Keyscape sounds into Omnisphere 2 running in a 32 bit host.

Can I install Keyscape on a different drive? 
Yes, you can install the library to a secondary or external drive. For best results, we recommend installing Keyscape on a Solid State Drive.

My system meets the minimum requirements. Will Keyscape run well in my computer?
Yes, although as is the case with all virtual instruments, how well it runs depends on a lot of factors that go beyond the system you have (host, which other plugins are running, etc.). For cases where performance is an issue, Keyscape Patches have a 'Thinning' button that loads a version of the sound that uses less resources.

Click here for more details on Keyscape and its system requirements