Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Updates

Spectrasonics have released an update, version 2.3.2f to Omnisphere 2. This is a free update to registered users. Log-in to your Spectrasonics account to download the latest updates.

Omnisphere updates are supplied across three parts: Software, Patch Library and Soundsource Library. These may be updated independently of each other.

Version 2.3.2f includes the following features and fixes...

Omnisphere Software 2.3.2f

Includes the following features and fixes:

• New button on Soundsource Zoom pane to control whether or not pedal sounds go thru Effects rack
• Knob controls: increase sensitivity of Shift key for finer adjustments
• Increase limit on number of custom controls on GUI for Keyscape patches
• Permit modulating filter Cutoff with monophonic mod envelope via right- click "Modulate with Envelope"
• Fixes issue with Harmonizer Mix where dry signal for synth sounds was always output
• Fixes issue when modulating Arp speed where modulation was not applied to new notes
• Fixes issue where "Install .omnisphere" action did not correctly list items in browser when finished
• Fixes issue of a rare crash related to Sample File Server
• Fixes issue where Speed slider on Filter Envelope Zoom was not responding to modulations while a note is playing
• Fixes issue where adjusting Filter knobs (Cutoff , Res, etc) while the filter envelope was looping caused audio artifacts
• Fixes issue where Analog Chorus effect can produce audio glitches if chorus Warmth is enabled
and a Juicy LP filter enabled and square synth wave playing
• Fixes issue where "Lock All" Sound Lock on browser would prevent Soundsources from changing
• Fixes issue where dropping a User Audio WAV file into Layer B would load it into Layer A after import completed

Version 2.3.1 includes the following features and fixes...

Omnisphere Software 2.3.1

• Mac installer fully functional on MacOS 10.12 Sierra
• Enhanced Windows installer
• Fixes issue with Clock Speed menu where it would not show "Normal" setting after selecting a setting other than "Normal"
• Fixes issue where "Redo" option could be improperly displayed

Omnisphere Patch Library 2.3.0c

• Installs impulse responses for Keyscape compatibility.
• Installs Velocity Curve presets.
• Tagging improvements.

Omnisphere Soundsource Library 2.0.1c

• Restores missing wavetables "Generated Saw" and "Tetra SawTri"

Omnisphere 2.2.0e includes the following features and fixes...

•Bypass all effects by pressing the LED below FX button
•Move effects within effects rack by dragging
•Phase invert button on sublayer mixer in Soundsource Zoom
•Latch mode: terminate all notes when host transport is stopped
•Improved Browser performance
•Improved Patch-loading time on Windows
•Fixes crash when bouncing/freezing large amount of compressed audio files
•Changing effect type was not clearing out the effect´s mod matrix slots
•Fixes bug where Ultrachorus effect could generate excessively-loud volumes
•Fixes bug where Chorus Echo effect delay time could be wrong after changing host sample rate
•Fixes bug in Toxic Smasher effect where it could produce an unwanted "chirp" sound at end of notes
•After dropping a MIDI groove into Arpeggiator, some groove indicators were not being displayed

Previous Omnisphere 2 Updates Include:

Version 2.1.0d:

•Improved GUI popup time
•New "Publish Library" feature
•Improvements to sharing features
•On/Off buttons for Osc modules in Layer Pages
•User Audio Import: unique-ify name rather than overwrite existing sound
•Show "N/A" in Harmonia Zoom osc menus when using sampled source
•Clear all Sound Lock checkmarks when Multi or Patch is Initialized
•Sound Match does not switch to All directory in Mini Browser
•Sample Thinning not recalling properly
•Header graphics can get into confused state
•Plugin hangs loading impulse file in a certain way
•Mini Mod Matrix becomes inoperative in certain situations
•Crackling sound in Bass Feeder Patch
•Ultra Chorus rate change causes unwanted delay in Ableton Live
•Waveshaper "AMP" audio path can cause audio glitches (Windows only)
•Improperly highlighted keys in Stack panel

System Requirements 2.1.0d

•2.4 GHz or higher processor
•4GB RAM minimum, 8GB or more recommended
•Dual Layer compatible DVD-ROM drive
•64GB of free hard drive space

Windows Users:

•VST 2.4 or higher, RTAS/AAX capable host software
•Microsoft Windows 7/Vista compatible
•Native 64-bit and 32-bit on Windows

Mac Users:

•OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion or higher
•AU, VST 2.4 or higher, RTAS/AAX capable host software
•Audio Unit plugin requires host with support for "Cocoa" based plugins
•Native 64-bit and 32-bit on OSX

•All knob & slider parameter displays show value 1.000 when Arp Swing is modulated
•Aftertouch has different reset behavior than v1.5
•Crash related to User Preferences when running 2 or more instances
•Problem restoring arpeggiator sequences which have rests and have the length parameter turned down
•Windows non-English-language computers permissions issue
•Tempo in effects that had Sync option was not initialized properly with host tempo value