Problems installing Ivory Grand Pianos II

27/10/2017Zia McKie
Problems installing Ivory Grand Pianos II If you experience a problem installing a file from any of your Ivory Grand II USBs, please follow the suggestions below. 1. Try dragging the file manually from the USB into the Ivory Items folder on yo...

Can I load my Ivory 1 pianos in Ivory 2?

27/10/2017Zia McKie
There is a new folder for Ivory I programs  in the Ivory II Program Browser, and all of the Ivory I programs will be  available there. Also... if you have (for example) Ivory I Grand Pianos  and Ivory I Upright Pianos installed, and t...

Synthogy American Concert D not showing in Ivory II Keyset?

10/07/2017Zia McKie
The Synthogy American Concert D installs the required version of the Ivory II player version 2.1.0. If you are having problems with Ivory II not showing the American Concert D in the Keyset, then you may need to reinstall the Ivory II application...