Synthogy American Concert D not showing in Ivory II Keyset?

The Synthogy American Concert D installs the required version of the Ivory II player version 2.1.0.

If you are having problems with Ivory II not showing the American Concert D in the Keyset, then you may need to reinstall the Ivory II application.  Before doing this you will have to remove the old install.

Please note you do not have to delete the library files, only the application files.

On OSX you can locate the files under the System > Applications

In this folder you need to delete the Ivory Standalone file and the Ivory Tools folder.

It is recommended to now restart your computer.

You should now insert the first disc of the Synthogy American Concert D and run the Install file. Select the default plug-in install and select the install location as your System folder. Once the install has started you will shortly be prompted to select where you want the library installed, you will need to select the Ivory Items folder where the original install was done; the Ivory Library Installer will now detect that the library is already installed and will not attempt to do it again.

Once you are prompted that the install is complete, restart your computer. You should now be able to launch the Ivory Standalone application or the Ivory Plug-in inside of your host application and the American Concert D should be present under the Keyset select menu.

For more information on installing the American Concert D, please see our knowledge base article, linked here.