Toontrack EZdrummer 2 Updates

Toontrack have released an update to EZdrummer 2, version 2.1.4. This is a free update to registered EZdrummer 2 users. The latest update is now available from the Toontrack Product Manager, available from your Toontrack user account.

Known issues with the current version of EZdrummer can be reviewed at:

EZdrummer - 2.1.4

Note that EZdrummer 2.1.4 is required for EZX expansion packs released from this point forward (Q3 2016).

Updates and fixes in 2.1.4
- The internal AU name has been changed back from "EZdrummer 2" to "EZdrummer", which it was in 2.1.1 and earlier, to restore save file compatibility in some hosts.
- In Drumkit from Hell, if a sound from another expansion was loaded on an instrument, clicking on that instrument could lead to a crash in some cases.
- Clicking the tempo button under the song track in Toontrack solo could lead to a crash.
- If the User MIDI folder could not be accessed or created, the plug-in crashed when instantiated.
- Dragging across articulation lists in Edit Play Style did not preview any sound.
- Dragging from the Browser had wrong y coordinate.
- The red translucent block that marks the current recording sometimes became too long when a loop endpoint was reached, and it no longer overlaps itself in a loop.
- The following is now disabled while recording: moving the playhead or loop area, Undo/Redo, song track context menus, loop toggling and a few more things.
- Up/down arrow keys in the Browser should work in more hosts on Mac now.

EZdrummer - 2.1.3

EZdrummer - 2.1.2

EZdrummer - 2.1.1