Toontrack EZkeys Updates

Toontrack have released an update, version 1.2.4 to EZkeys. This is a  free update to all registered users. The latest update is now available from the Toontrack Product Manager, available from your Toontrack user account.

Known issues with the current version of EZkeys can be reviewed at:

EZkeys - 1.2.4

Updates and fixes in 1.2.4

- Support for String Machine - many internal improvements.
- EZkeys projects can now be saved and loaded from the menu in the plug-in.
- The Chord Selector now has Left and Right buttons for moving the Chord Selector to the previous/next chord. Left and right arrow keys can be used in some hosts.
- The Chord Selector now has a Clean button, a toggle to make the MIDI in that chord follow the scale.
- Use Browser MIDI, Paste Chords and Paste MIDI now make the MIDI notes follow scale, if the menu option "Keep MIDI in Chord Scale" is on (which is the default).
- The Loop button is MIDI-learnable.
- Support for up and down arrow keys in the Browser.

- Standalone sample rate is no longer fixed at 44.1k for ASIO - now always uses the default sample rate of the ASIO device.
- The standalone can now handle an unlimited number of outputs on the sound card - any two can be selected.

- "Add Chord" did not snap, which could lead to problems. For example, when exporting MIDI, blocks could be omitted.
- Importing MIDI containing bar lengths 0 lead to a crash.
- Export WAV/MIDI menu entries are now disabled if the song track is empty.
- The red translucent block that marks the current recording sometimes became too long when a loop endpoint was reached, and it no longer overlaps itself in a loop.
- In the Browser, some headers had a play button.
- Higher velocities could not be previewed on black keys by clicking on them.
- When locating the sounds (if the sound path was not correctly set), it was possible to select an 'MEZK_*' folder as the sound path, after which authorization would not work. Also, the correct path (the parent of the MEZK folder) was in some cases not possible to select.
- Several functions are now disabled during recording, for example Undo/Redo, Use Browser MIDI, moving the playhead, splitting blocks and other operations that modify the contents of the song track.
- With the Chord Notation tool, left click inserted chord where mouse was and not where the snapped cursor was.
- When clicking with the Chord Notation tool on a chord to edit, it snapped to the left chord instead of the cursor-marked chord to the right.
- If a chord was added at the end of block with the Chord Notation tool, EZkeys crashed.

EZkeys - 1.2.3

EZkeys - 1.2.2

EZkeys - 1.2.1

IMPORTANT: this release is tested on Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 upwards only.
It is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 or Windows XP.
Users with these earlier operating systems are advised to remain at version 1.1.2.

EZkeys - 1.2.0