Toontrack Superior Drummer 2 Updates

Toontrack have released an update to Superior Drummer 2, version 2.4.4. This is a free update to all registered users. The latest update is now available from the Toontrack Product Manager, available from your Toontrack user account.

Known issues with the current version of Superior can be reviewed at:

Superior Drummer - 2.4.4

IMPORTANT: this release is tested on Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 upwards only.
It is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 or Windows XP.
Users with these earlier operating systems are advised to remain at version 2.3.1.

Updates and fixes for 2.4.4

- tempo changes now better handled when bouncing through mixer.This affects only some of the EZX black boxes that react to tempo changes.
- changing MIDI as numbers immediately updates the current assigned keys menu.
- E-drum MIDI presets somewhat adjusted to harmonize with EZdrummer 2.
- rare preset bug fixed. If there was a folder with presets among the user presets and this folder got sorted to be last in the menu, then any preset created during a session could not be deleted.
- crash avoided if default lib is somehow broken enough to warrant a warning but that warning never get's the time to display before another lib is loaded.
- Support for upcoming EZX sound libraries
- Unwanted focus grabbing in ProTools improved.
- fix for pitch Reset. Should now reset only selected drums and not 'Fix' anything else by mistake.
- fix for rare situation where an EZX1 could get stuck in an unauthorized state.
- fix for crash when setting path to S1 libs. (Since 2.4.1)
- fix for spurious appearance of non-working EZX POPROCK sometimes when EZdrummer 2 or its demo was installed.

Superior Drummer - 2.4.3

Superior Drummer - 2.4.2
Superior Drummer - 2.4.1

Superior Drummer - 2.4.0

Please note that version 2.4.0 was the earliest version to provide compatibility
with the EZdrummer 2 Core library and access to the EZdrummer 2 EZX presets.

Superior Drummer - 2.3.2
Superior Drummer - 2.3.1