How to use the Connect Download Manager

Once you have purchased a serial download from the Time+Space website, you will shortly receive two confirmation emails, one with a link to the Connect Download Manager and a utility authorisation code, and the other containing your products serial number (if this is required).

Once you have downloaded and opened the Connect Download Manager, you will be required to paste in the authorisation code to start the download of your purchase.

When the code is entered and you have pressed download, you will be prompted to choose the Installation location. Choose a location that you can locate easily, like the Downloads folder, for example (unless you have been instructed otherwise).

We have recently started using RAR file formats  that the Connect Application receives and uses for its extraction of  your files. This extraction is handled completely inside of the Connect Application. Once  the download and installation has completed, you will be prompted to  choose to either keep the original RAR files or remove them - leaving  only the extracted content. To save you space on your hard drive, we  usually recommend removing the RAR files, however you may wish to keep  them for backup at a later date. Note - If you do delete them, you can  always download the files using your code again.

For more information on what are RAR files, please see our knowledge base article here.