Vienna Suite Pro Updates

VSL have released an update, version 1.5.2049 to Vienna Suite. This is a free update for registered users. Just go to your VSL user area to download the latest update.

Vienna Suite Pro - 2.0.3185

Updates and fixes:

- Hybrid Reverb Pro: Fixed crash when loading projects in certain hosts
- Multiband Pro: Fixed Pro Tools showing 'Limiter' instead of 'Multiband' in some cases
- Multiband Pro: Fixed potential crash when interacting with envelopes
- Compressor Pro: Fixed sidechain filters not audible when soloing
- Compressor Pro: Fixed High Shelf sidechain filter not working
- Compressor Pro: Fixed improper sidechain graph
- Equalizer Pro: Fixed output gain and oversampling settings of factory presets
- Imager Pro: Properly added to VST3 category “Spatial“
- WIN: Fixed broken Alt modifier key in Pro Tool

Vienna Suite Pro - 2.0.3167

Updates and fixes:

- Equalizer Pro: Fixed background graphs not updating during automation
- Hybrid Reverb Pro: Fixed convolution thread processing priority issue
- Loudness Pro: Fixed startup value for true peak bar
- Loudness Pro: Fixed reset button causing random level offsets
- Fixed: Random crashes in Finale 32-bit
- Fixed crashes in Wavelab with Limiter Pro, Compressor Pro, Multiband Pro

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