What is EZplayer Pro? Why is it useful?

EZplayer Pro is a MIDI organiser, multi-track arranger and format conversion tool all rolled into one. With it you can convert between mapping formats and collect all your MIDI clips in one convenient location, the EZplayer pro Browser.

The  multi-track Arranger built into EZplayer pro can be used to put drum tracks together, on as few or as many tracks as is convenient or required.

Used in conjunction with Toontrack solo and EZdrummer, or Superior Drummer 2, plus the extended libraries from Toontrack, EZplayer Pro also becomes a stand alone workstation for creating MIDI beats independently from the sequencer.

EZplayer pro comes with a generous amount of percussive MIDI files to get you started. The files are played by Toontrack artists David Fingers Haynes and Per Mikaelsson (drummer for the Claustrophobic EZX extension library).

For more information on EZdrummer and Superior Drummer, please see our knowledge base article here.

For more information on how to register, install and authorise Toontrack products, please see our knowledge base article here.