What is the difference between Kontakt 5 Player and Kontakt 5?

Kontakt 5 and the Kontakt 5 Player are the same application. The main differences being that Kontakt 5 Player has most instrument editing features disabled, although you can still edit parameters via the Performance View. Demo limitations also apply for non-Kontakt 5 Player compatible content, such as samples or 3rd party sample libraries in Kontakt File format. Only 3rd party Kontakt Libraries which have been produced for Kontakt 5 Player may be loaded. Non-licensed libraries can be used for 15 minutes at a time in demo mode and without the ability to save your work.

If you purchase one of our products that ship with the free Kontakt Player, such as ProjectSam Symphobia, you will need to register the product using the Native Instruments Service Centre. Alternatively, all Kontakt Player libraries will also run in the full version of Kontakt, you will just need to register the product using the Native Instruments Service Centre (instructions will be emailed to you when you make your order).

If you purchase a product which contains Kontakt Formatted Files, you will need to have purchased the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt. If you use one of these products in the free player it will only work in demo mode for 15 minutes. Please make sure you check that you have the full version of Kontakt before purchasing one of our Kontakt Formatted Files.

Any Kontakt 5 Player owner who also owns a qualified Kontakt library can upgrade to the full version of Kontakt 5 at a reduced crossgrade price, see here for more details.